Zelda’s upcoming Dynasty Warriors-style spin-off is claimed to have a large cast of playable characters joining Link from throughout the series’ history. While only a handful have been confirmed thus far, the latest, reported by Japan’s Famitsu magazine, was… unexpected, to say the least.

That’s right, it’s Agitha – Castle Town’s self-professed Princess of the insect kingdom. You might remember this delusional little girl from Twilight Princess, in which she begged Link to collect golden bugs for her ball. The Famitsu article also mentions a second playable character by the name of Lana, presumably the mysterious character seen fighting alongside Link and Zelda on the Hyrule Warriors box art. The interesting thing about these reveals is that it continues the very notable streak of female fighters in this game. The previous playable characters announced other than Link have been Sheik, Zelda, and Midna – making 5 out of the 6 confirmed warriors female.


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