So, Nintendo dropped a warmly received peek at Zelda U in their E3 Digital Event this morning. Aside from the scale and beauty of what was shown, a hot topic has been the appearance of Link in the in-engine demo. At first glance, many thought he was female – some are still arguing that he is.

But the most interesting thing here is that Eiji Aonuma, the Zelda director himself, commented on this speculation and hinted at something entirely different. “No one explicitly said that that was Link,” he told Venturebeat. So what can this mean? Here’s my wild and crazy speculation: aside from the feminine appearance, this “maybe Link” also sported another feature to distinguish him from our traditional image of the hero. He was dressed in blue, not green. Thus I propose to you this: perhaps who we actually saw was not a female Link, but a male Zelda – and a female Link has yet to be unveiled.

Could this theory hold merit? Or is it just another piece of crazy speculation? Only time will tell.


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Alex is a musician and self-professed Nintendo geek currently located in Atlanta.

  • garrador says:

    10/10 would bang

  • Caleb says:

    Maybe it will just be an option at the new game start menu. Such as how you can change his name in most of the games. Now you might be able to just switch between male and female as well. It might cause for some dialogue changes though. It’s not like that hasn’t been done before in games like Fable.

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