So let me start off by saying that a few months ago, I was a game buying noob. The deals I thought were good deals weren’t actually good. You might be like me or hell, you might have even already known what I’m going to talk about in this post. So let’s just move on to the good stuff.

Now the people who will mainly benefit from these deals are PC (or even Mac) gamers. Most of the good deals come from redeeming Steam codes. However, if you are a console gamer, there may be some pretty good deals that you just shouldn’t miss out on.

Now you must be wondering “Okay man, where the hell are these great deals you are talking about?” Well these deals come from this beautiful place called Reddit. Now you must be thinking “Reddit? The site where people post whatever they want with little to no filter?” Yes, Reddit. See, I have discovered that the best way to find good game deals is from other gamers, because gamers stick together (regardless of platform preference, in the end we actually do stick together). For example, the whole reason for this site is provide gaming news for the gamer, from the gamer. I feel that if you receive your news from people just like you, then you feel more entertained.

Moving on…Reddit holds the best game deals I have ever seen and it’s all community generated. If you are a fan of Steam (most of you probably are) then you will find great deals on Reddit as well as the secrets of the infamous Steam sales. Another beauty of Reddit is that the posts are constantly changing which means that they are being updated all the time by gamers just like you.

Oh yes, this beautiful website called HumbleBundle. This site is a double whammy, by providing amazing (literally jaw-dropping) game deals and you get to help out charities! The whole concept of HumbleBundle is to have companies sponsor the game package to make the prices super low and of course to support charities! The way it works it that the bundle of games has a section where you can pay whatever you want (above $1) and you get all of those games. Then there is another section of games where you have to pay the average price (usually between $3-$8) and you get the second section of games included with the first section of games.

You may be confused so here is an example: Let’s take the Electronic Arts bundle that recently ended. The bundle of games includes Mirror’s Edge, Medal of Honor, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Battlefield 3, and The Sims 3 with DLC. If you paid $1 or more, you would get all of those games except for Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3 with DLC because those 2 games require you to pay the average price. The average price is determined by how many people buy the bundle and how much they pay. Usually it is between $3 and $8, so it’s nothing steep. I purchased the Electronic Arts HumbleBundle at $4.73 (which was the average at the time) and I received all of those games. Now…isn’t that an INSANE deal?!? Yes, yes it is. The large deals like this usually last about a month.

HumbleBundle recently started another part of their website where they have weekly indie game deals and they work the same way; you have some games that require you to pay $1 or more and then you have a game that requires you to pay the average price. Recently, YouTube superstar PewDiePie sponsored a weekly deal and it included games like Thomas Was Alone, McPixel, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and more. Obviously, these deals only last a week so you must act fast if you want to get those games!

Now the games in the HumbleBundle, whether it is the weekly or monthly ones, only work on Steam (and sometimes require Origin). So sorry about that console gamers!

But let’s not forget the most important part of the HumbleBundle, the charities! The money that you spend on the games can be divided up into a selected charity and into a Humble Tip (a tip to HumbleBundle).


So there it is. Those are the two absolutely best ways that I have found to get amazing game deals. If you have any other places to find great game deals, please let us know in the comments!


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