A lot of themes have been pushed out lately for iOS 7. Most of them have been utilizing the flat design aspect of iOS, and some of them have focused solely on detail. As a decently active member of the iOS Themes Subreddit, I have seen the creation and revisions of some truly brilliant themes. Some of those themes come with a steady price tag, others have been made free. One of the great parts about being a part of the iOS Themes Subreddit is not only to see new themes, but to see the set up that everyone has on their iDevice. This includes their lockscreen, icon theme, and pretty much anything else they can tinker with.

Over the weeks I have migrated from Flat7 to Zanilla 2 back to Flat7 and now I am currently using Passtel. Along with my icon theme I have GroovyLock installed with a ScripTime lockscreen theme, a custom design for my Messages application using Messages Customiser, and lastly, I have BytaFont 2 installed with the Lato Light font applied. You can check out some screenshots below.

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Messages Customiser – BigBoss

Passtel – cydia.myrepospace.com/vortexie

ScripTime  – this Reddit thread

So I want to you know what your setup is! Have you gone minimalistic? Have you taken advantage of the incredibly in-depth themes? Let us know in the comments below!


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