How’s everyone doing? We are starting a new thing here at MySlackerMind, Wallpapers Of The Week!
Every Saturday, I’m going to be posting up some good looking wallpapers from talented designers from around the world.
This week, I’m making the post a little early since it’s the first one, but after that, it will stay on schedule. So stay tuned everyone!


I was going through my phone looking for some good wallpapers to share with you guys so I decided to start off with some nice darkish ones. Personally, I’ve always preferred darker wallpapers than lighter ones. I found these wallpapers on a website called freeiOS7.com.
They are optimized for the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G

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In order to save your new wallpaper, tap and hold the image and then click on “Save.” Now you can enjoy your brand new wallpaper. Make sure to always check out every Saturday for my new wallpaper posts! I’m open for suggestions on what kind of wallpapers or designers you guys want to see, just post on the comment section below or you can shoot me an email @ illestivan1@gmail.com.


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Ivan is a writer for MySlackerMind.com. He is always on the lookout for new and interesting tweaks. He always helps out people who have problems with their iPhone. Also, he is a part time painter and barber. He currently resides in the NY Area.

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