A new tweak is on the horizon and it’s a pretty neat one. It’s called Guest Mode and it allows a guest limited access to your device. The amount of access is determined by you. You have a list of enabled applications that the guest is allowed to use. The concept is very similar to a guest account on a computer and you (being the admin) controlling how much they can control.

As you can tell from the video above, the guest account is only accessible when a passcode is set. If you are wondering about how notifications will display while in guest mode, the developer has uploaded a video showcasing what happens. It seems that when you receive any type of notification in guest mode, if the application that received the notification is disabled then you just see a badge number change and no actual notification. This is great for those who are wanting to keep our messages or emails private while another person is using our device.

Guest Mode is currently in beta testing but the developer has said that it is iOS 7 only and will be $0.99.


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