Alright so before the hate comments start pouring in, please read this entire article before forming an opinion. First off let me just say this, I have never really been a Grand Theft Auto fan. The games seems interesting to me; however, I could never really get into them (I know you must think I’m crazy). So you must be thinking “If you have never gotten into Grand Theft Auto, how the hell are you going to say there is a problem with arguably the best game in the series?” Well, calm down there, the problem I have with Grand Theft Auto isn’t the game, it’s the release date.

Now I know Rockstar Games has been working on GTAV for around 5 years and that next-gen consoles wasn’t really on anyone’s minds, but I do think it was still sour timing for a release. I realize that this release date wasn’t really anyone’s fault. I realize that Rockstar has put a lot of time and effort into GTAV and if it were to release earlier then maybe it wouldn’t have been as good.

However, feel like there is room to blame Rockstar Games. First, Grand Theft Auto V did not launch with online multiplayer. You need to wait until October in order to play with your friends online. That is about a month before next-gen consoles hit the shelves. Now, in my opinion, no game will keep a player on a last-gen console…maybe, for a few months tops. So my point is that Grand Theft Auto V will have a strong lifespan of 5-8 months. GTA V only has about 2 months left before the bigger, better consoles and games come around.

Second, I feel like Rockstar Games really dropped the ball by not releasing GTAV onto PC. Next-gen consoles may be outdating the current gen consoles, but they sure as hell aren’t outdating PCs. I think that if GTAV was released on PC, the lifespan I previously mentioned would be stretched to 1-3 years. A petition was started last November when Rockstar announced that there were no plans for a PC GTAV and over 400,000 signatures have been taken. So do I think a PC version of GTA V will come to the market? Yes. Do I think it will be too late? Yes. See, true GTAV fans have already purchased their copy of the game, whether it is on Xbox 360 or PS3. If a PC version comes around in the coming months and people are mainly playing their next-gen consoles, who is willing to buy GTAV again? My guess is barely anyone.

Grand Theft Auto V will be an impressive game and will collect a huge fanbase, hell it may even rack in Game of the Year; but, it will not retain the launch numbers once the next-gen games and consoles come around. It will be a shame to see the lifespan of GTAV be barely a fifth of the development time on the game; it’s just bad luck I suppose.

The only hope I see for GTAV a year from now is if Sony or Microsoft allow backwards compatibility through the cloud (MS has confirmed this is possible) on next-gen consoles. But for now, I suppose you just go enjoy Grand Theft Auto V while you can.


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  • martin says:

    Well this all being true but I do not believe these are true weakpoints to the game itself more of a fail on rockstars behalf. The game alone made 800 million in its first day of sales. When you state problems with GTA V it should be truly on the fact about an in game error or in game flaws. It is Rockstar’s fault for not postponing the game or releasing it earlier to resolve the issue of the next platform making this game die off. Although you had good points I would not consider these problems with GTA itself because if so then you would be saying problems as to something in game is wrong as i already stated. I have also read somewhere that in the game notes/programming or whatever PS4 was listed in a specific part of the coding. We will see thought if they make the game backwards compatible so next level platforms will be able to play this truly awesome game. I personally enjoy the game and the only problem I have is trying to get rid of wanted level they have stepped the cops game up in this one.

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