Sometimes, when you’re watching a video and  you adjust the volume, you get iOS volume hud indicator. Annoying in iOS 6, but you could live with it because it was transparent, but in iOS 7 it is an disruptive translucent block in the middle of your screen. StatusHUD 2 has now been updated for iOS 7, brought to you by iOS developer Alan Yip.

StatusHUD 2 moves the volume HUD indicator to the status bar in one of two themes: Squares, or Circles.

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StatusHUD 2 covers the middle of your status bar for a short amount of time and is perfect for gaming, watching movies, or just not being annoying by the default volume indicator.

When installed, the tweak creates a settings pane to customize the dismiss delay of the circles (or squares), the size, and the theme, as well as an toggle to turn it on or off. All of these customization options don’t require a respring of your device.



StatusHUD 2 is available for free in the default BigBoss repository and is iOS 6, iOS 7, ARM64, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad compatible.



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Jason enjoys tweaking and theming his iPod touch as well as baking, canoeing, and volunteering.

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