While scanning the new packages in the Cydia app, I stumbled upon an amazing tweak by Beastsoft! The tweak allows a user to access their messages app via a computer browser on the same network. It includes normal texts and iMessage texts and supports group chat. Essentially it is controlling your message app when you’re working on your computer/other device. The tweak is Remote Messages and  it is an internal web-server with no on-phone graphics, except for a small setting menu located in the default Settings application(Pictured Below)

Remote Messages - Settings

Remote Messages – Settings

With the Settings app, you can not only designate the port, but you can set-up the username and password to login with. (in the browser)


To login to the web-front:

1) Open a browser on a computer/device connected to the same network as your iDevice.

2) Locate your IP address (located in the Remote Messages settings page) and add the port to the end.

Example: – with [] being your IP address, and 0912 being the port!                                           (Don’t forget the colon)

3)As soon as you’ve connected to your phone’s web-server, Login options will be presented.

4) Type in the Login details you designated in the Remote Messages setting pane (on your phone)

5)If you have successfully logged in, you should see a page like the one below.


Lets look over some of the features of the in-browser GUI! 😀

A Diagram for the in-browser GUI.

A Diagram for the in-browser GUI.


The in-browser page is very simple and contains three main areas. (Color coded via the diagram above)

RED –  The red area consists of your iDevices current Battery, Wi-fi connection status, and the 3G/Cellular status.

BLUE – The four buttons in this area are used to add media, send files, create a new text, or change settings.

GREEN – The green section consists of the current conversations with a contact, as well as  past conversations with other contacts.



The tweak is availible from the BigBoss repo here for $3.99 : 

Remote Messages: Click Me


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