Paper by Facebook  has been released onto the App Store. Paper is an application where you can “explore and share stories from friends and the world in immersive designs and fullscreen, distraction-free layouts. Paper includes your Facebook News Feed and sections about your favorite topics.”

Now that we have all the official description out of the way, I want to give my own review of Paper. Paper is a pretty cool application. I’ve been using it for only a short time now, but I’m quite enjoying it. One of the biggest reasons I’ve been liking Paper is because it takes away what I despise about Facebook. Facebook is filled with things that I don’t care about. Remember when you liked that page when you were 15 and now all they do is post memes? Or remember when you liked that page when you were 17 and now all they do is post Vines? Yeah, me too. If I wanted to see memes, I’d go on Tumblr. If I wanted to see Vines, I’d go on Vine. With Paper, I can finally browse through my Facebook without having to see those time-wasting memes or Vines. Also, Paper allows you to browse by category, which is brilliant. It allows you to select your favorite topics and you essentially can build separate news feeds of different topics.

Paper also allows you to access your Friend Requests, Notifications, and Facebook Chat. Right now, Paper is replacing my Facebook application. It’s like I’m on Facebook but without the annoyance. You can find Paper by Facebook free on the App Store. It is available on iOS 7 and above. No iPad version has been announced yet.


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