The internet just exploded because of rumor posted by Kotaku claiming that No Man’s Sky has been delayed. We’re here to argue against that. Let’s get started.

1. Too soon

No Man’s Sky is due out June 21st in the US, which is less than a month away. Games tend to get delayed much earlier than this (GTA V as a recent exception). For a game that has shown a ton of gameplay already, it’s unlikely that if the game was delayed that it would be due to a technical issue. But who knows.

2. Sean Murray

One of the creator’s of the game, Sean Murray, has been liking tweet after tweet where it clearly shows the release date is June 2016. These likes came within hours of this delay rumor, which makes it even more unlikely that it’s delayed. Of course, unless Sean is trolling us.

3. The Risk

Would a small game development studio such as Hello Games risk delaying a game less than a month before release? Clearly this game has gained a lot of hype and if it was delayed this close to release, then you can almost guarantee that a decent portion of people would cancel their pre-orders. Of course, Sony could be manhandling Hello Games on this one and perhaps they don’t have a say about the delay.

4. Mixed Proof

A few people have stated that the release date on various websites (GameStop, Steam, etc.) has been removed. Others are saying that the release date remains the same for them. There is too much mixed proof here that we can’t take anything seriously. However, I have seen a bulk of people say that the release date remains at June 21st for them. Also, GameStop was apparently told to cover up the June 21st release date with a “Coming Soon” sticker; however, some employees and managers have come forward saying they haven’t been told to do that.


Now of course all of this is up in the air until an official announcement appears. You could say I wrote this article because I don’t want the rumor to be true, and you’d be right. However, I do think there are some valid points here and we shouldn’t be hopping onto the delay bandwagon just yet. Stay strong out there, explorer.



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