It was the surprise hit of VGX and a highlight of Sony’s E3 Press Conference. It’s the ambitious, procedurally generated sci-fi sandbox that has the imaginations of gamers running rampant. It’s Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, and Gamespot’s Next Big Game series has a ten-minute interview with its director Sean Murray.

While the scale and scope of the game are impressive and its visuals gorgeous, Murray continues to be blurry on actual gameplay details. In the video he discusses a lot of things, but whether these have been implemented in the game or are just concepts is not quite made clear.

The main goal of the game, he states, is to reach the center of the universe – doing so will cause something special to happen according to Murray. However, he says that players should feel free to choose their own role in this universe, and that no matter what they should choose there will be ways for their progress to be tracked. A few possible jobs mentioned were trader, space pirate, explorer, bounty hunter, or even botanist.

Also mentioned is how combat will revolve around a mysterious “multi-tool” weapon. Murray brushed over AI – confirming there will be both friendly and antagonistic NPCs, while the multiplayer aspect will be sparse. Apparently encounters with other players will be really rare due to the players being spread far and wide in the massive gameworld. However, he did mention – albeit without any concrete detail – that considerations are being made for a more traditional multiplayer mode within the game.

Gamespot will have another video on the project tomorrow, focusing on development tools and “what the epic scale of No Man’s Sky can mean for gameplay.”


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