The discussion of ‘quick reply’ has been circulating iOS since it’s release. People have been wanting Apple to incorporate this feature into their messages application for years; however, Apple still has not met those demands. Because of this, multiple ‘quick reply’ jailbreak tweaks have been developed. Ranging from BiteSMS to Messages+, the ‘quick reply’ feature has had many skins.

I know that most of you probably side with BiteSMS to be your texting application, mainly because of their quick reply feature and I can see your reasoning. BiteSMS is a powerful and easy to use application, but one thing has always bothered me regarding BiteSMS: it’s not Messages. Now I know what you may be thinking, “Of course it is! BiteSMS is just a tweak for the Messages application!” Well sure, it is; however to me it doesn’t have the same feel. I enjoy using Apple’s built in Messages app, it just flows well and I’ve never had an issue with it. Another thing that bothers me with BiteSMS is that there is an advertisement on the bottom of the conversations screen. Now I know that you can remove this by purchasing the app, but I’m really only using BiteSMS for the ‘quick reply’ feature, so it is worth paying 7 bucks for when Apple could just implement it into iOS 8 and I’m down 7 dollars? What if there was a free way to have the ‘quick reply’ feature? What if it was built right into the iOS Messages application and just looked like it was part of iOS all along? Well my friends, you are in luck. Couria is that tweak and it is brilliant.

Couria was originally released on iOS 6 and worked beautifully. Now it is in the beta stages for iOS 7 and is just a charm. Couria works just as you would assume it would.


IMG_0005                            IMG_0004

First you receive a message like normal and then you simply tap the banner and shazam! A beatifully crafted iOS 7 themed ‘quick reply’ feature appears. It allows you to see the entire conversation as well a add a picture or doodle (requires the free Doodle Messages tweak from Cydia). It works with both SMS and iMessage.

Couria is an absolute delight and is the simple ‘quick reply’ feature for iOS we have all been waiting for. If you would like to get the beta for Couria you can add the repo:

If you installed Couria or want to let us know about another great ‘quick reply’ tweak leave a comment below!



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