I am a huge fan of Zephyr. I really love the swipe up to close functionality, and as soon as I updated to iOS 7, I found myself swiping up all the time and then realizing I had to press the home button. Well, chpwn, the developer of Zephyr, has said that he doesn’t plan on updating Zephyr for iOS 7. I was very sad when I heard this. However, a new tweak has come out for iOS 7 that brings back this functionality. You can swipe up to close an application, or swipe the sides of the screen to switch between open applications, just like Zephyr. Now, one of the main problems with this functionality in iOS 7 is that swiping up brings up the Control Center, so how do you bring up the Control Center if swiping up closes an app. The dev of MultitaskingGestures has been on top of things bringing great options to beat this. As of now, you have a number of options. You can choose for one side of the bottom of the screen to close an app, and the other side to activate the Control Center (e.g. Swiping up on the left closes the app, while swiping up on the right brings up the CC). You can also choose to have the entire bottom edge close the app, and only access the CC from the home screen or lockscreen. Finally, you can choose to put the Control Center in the Notification Center and replace the “Missed” tab. In my opinion, I would like to see an implementation of Zephyr’s “hold to activate App Switcher” in a way where the user can hold to activate the CC. Another issue exists with the swipe left or right to switch apps feature, as it conflicts with Apple’s “swipeback” feature, where you can swipe right from the left side of the screen rather than pressing the back button. The dev, again, has added ways to work around this. First off, you can hold the left side of the screen for a second or so before swiping to go back, and if you swipe right away, then you switch apps. You can also just fully disable this feature, which I have done.

Also, the developer of this tweak is on top of things. As soon as I saw this in Cydia, I bought it, because I love this functionality. The first edition (0.1) was just okay, but there were no settings, and the CC was automatically put in the NC. The second version put the CC back on the bottom, which some people disliked, so the developer pushed version 0.3, which added settings to switch on or off certain features and the ability to switch the CC between the NC and the bottom. He then pushed version 0.4 which caused my phone to enter safe mode, so I emailed him and sent him crash logs, and he quickly pushed out version 0.5 which fixed the issue. All within 3 days of its release.

The tweak is available on TheBigBoss repo for $1.50. If you are on mobile, you can view the package in Cydia by tapping this link.


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