KillApp7 is a new tweak for iOS 7 by iOS developer @uGuer that saves a lot of time when it comes to multitasking. This tweak adds a button to the multitasking window that, when pressed, clears all apps from the multitasking window; creates an option to automatically remove an app from the multitasking window when the app is closed; and also creates an options to show your Free RAM in the multitasking window. You can also free up some RAM with this tweak and it seems to do a great job.

Killapp7 3 Killapp7 1

Installing this tweak creates a settings pane where you can configure the options for this tweak.

Kill app 7 settings

This is a great tweak if you want to make life easier for yourself. This tweak is available for free on the hackyouriphone repository: is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. We do not support piracy here; however, this tweak is only available on the insanelyi and hackyouriphone repositories. It is free and not a cracked tweak.


Please let me know if this tweak is compatible with iPad so I can update this post.



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