Is jailbreaking legal?

Yes it is, depending on your device. Right now jailbreaking is legal on iPhones and iPod Touches; however, jailbreaking is illegal on an iPad. Jailbreaking your iPhone has been kept legal through 2015 under an exemption in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Find out more here.

What is the difference between unlocking and jailbreaking?

These two can be easily confused, but they provide completely different functions. Unlocking refers to freeing your phone to work on any carrier instead of just the one you bought it on. Jailbreaking is the process of circumventing Apple’s security measures in iOS to install tweaks, hacks, and mods that aren’t allowed in the App Store.Currently, The U.S. Library of Congress has ruled that it is illegal for you to unlock your smartphone if it was bought after January 26th, 2013. Carriers can still legally unlock your device for you, but it’s illegal to go through a third-party unlock vendor.

Why should I jailbreak?

Well, where should I even begin? Jailbreaking allows your iDevice to reach it's fullest potential. Apple has a limited view of customization for their devices. For example, Apple does not allow you to change the theme of your device; however, jailbreaking makes this extremely simple to do. Jailbreaking also opens a whole new doors past just installing 3rd-party applications. It allows you to install 3rd-party tweaks that mod the functions of your device. For example, Apple does not allow you to have more than four icons in your dock; however, when you're jailbroken you can a install a Five Icon Dock tweak that allows five icons.

Does jailbreaking void my warranty?

This question is a bit yes and a bit no. Yes because Apple won't support your iDevice if they see it's jailbroken at an Apple Store. And no, because Apple has acknowledged the DCMA exception. If you absolutely have to go to an Apple Store while your device is jailbroken, you can simply restore your device in iTunes and Apple won't be able to tell that it was ever jailbroken.

Are the stock iOS apps still accessible after jailbreaking?

Absolutely! Jailbreaking will not limit anything that you currently do on your iOS device! You can still use every stock iOS application and application that was downloaded through the App Store.

Can I update my device after jailbreaking?

Well yes you can; however, you will lose your jailbreak and everything you installed through Cydia. Following a new iOS update, jailbreak hackers are usually a few steps behind releasing a jailbreak for that iOS. You must be cautious though because occassionally jailbreak hacking teams won't have an updated jailbreak for quite a while. It is recommended to keep checking the blog on here to see if the newest iOS is able to be jailbroken.

I’ve heard the word ‘Cydia’ but I don’t know what that is?

Cydia is an application that is installed once the jailbreak process is complete. It is essentially a 3rd-party App Store for jailbroken devices. Cydia allows you to install applications, tweaks, themes, and mods that haven't been approved by Apple.

What are the 3 types of jailbreaks?

Tethered, semi-tethered, and untethered. A tethered jailbreak does not allow you to reboot your device unless you run the appropriate software while connected to a computer. A semi-tethered jailbreak allows you to reboot your device; however, once you reboot the functions of your jailbreak tweaks are extremely limited. An untethered jailbreak is the one that you want. It allows you to use your device normally. You can reboot freely and retain all the jailbreak functions you have installed.

How easy is it to jailbreak?

The developers who design the jailbreak software make it extremely easy to jailbreak. Essentially, all you need to do is click one button in the jailbreak software while your device is connected to the computer. If you want to find out how to jailbreak iOS 7, you can watch this video here.

How much does it cost to jailbreak?

Jailbreaking has been and always will be free. The developers who design these jailbreak tools provide free programs to jailbreak your device. If you are to ever see someone charging for a jailbreak tool, do not purchase it.

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