Perhaps one of the coolest concepts I’ve seen yet for iOS. A very smart and simple way to have widgets on iOS. YouTube user technofou has created a concept in which iOS adapts widget capability but doesn’t alter the core of iOS.

With a simple open-pinch gesture, you can turn an application into a small block that displays basic information from that application, just like a widget.

These blocks are also interactive, so you can control the basic information that is displayed.

Android has the Widget, Windows the Live Tile and now iOS the Block. Simply pinch an icon bigger to reveal more information and release to leave it. If you like iOS the way it is, nothing changes. If you want a little more, it’s all there.

Below you’ll find a video of an in-depth explanation of the iOS Block concept.

What do you think of the iOS Block concept? Should Apple adopt this? Let us know in the comments below!


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