Last night, MySlackerMind ran the following article:

According to sources reporting to IGN, the long-awaited Team Ico game was formally laid to rest at an internal Sony meeting last week. The game, which was revealed at E3 2009 and originally slated for a 2011 release, has been an object of great speculation and hype for PlayStation fans. While details on the game have been incredibly scarce, many remained hopefully that it would be a highlight of this year’s E3 press conference for Sony.

Well, as it turns out, IGN’s updated their article after Scott Rohde of SCE Worldwide Studios’ North American division tweeted in response, calling the story a rumor. The gaming publication now says they’re committed to getting the full scoop on this alleged rumor, and haven’t yet fully taken back their claim, changing the article’s original headline to read that the game “may” be cancelled. It seems they think they know something we (and even Sony higher-ups) don’t know.

So – might we be seeing the game at Sony’s conference tomorrow after all? We don’t have a long wait to find out.


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