iOS is great, I think we can all agree with that, but sometimes it feels as though we need a speed boost especially on iOS 7. This post will show you how to make your iDevice significantly faster with only 2 steps. Obviously, a jailbroken device will be required since we are installing 2 tweaks. If you don’t feel like reading, feel free to watch the video below.


Step 1: Install Nitrous (BigBoss repo)

Nitrous will cost you $0.99 but it’s well worth it. Nitrous is brilliant. Essentially, it unlocks a Nitro Javascript engine that Apple reserves for it’s own applications. Nitrous makes this speed that Apple hogs system wide and it’s amazing. There are a few options you can toggle in the Nitrous tab in the Settings application. You can decide if you want Nitrous to run in all applications or if you want to only activate Nitrous via an Activator action. Nitrous is supported from iOS 4.3 through 7.

Step 2: Install NoSlowAnimations (BigBoss repo)

Don’t worry, this one’s free. It’s also well worth it. iOS 7 introduced a new style of zooming animation in iOS. Some of us don’t particularly care for this new slow-ish animation and turn on “Reduce Motion” to give iOS a quicker fading effects when navigating. But what about those of us that like the zoom effect but just want a little speed boost? NoSlowAnimations has you covered. Once you install this tweak, you’ll notice a significant speed increase when opening/closing applications and using the multitasking tray. This tweaks also comes with some toggles in the Settings application allowing you to set the exact speed of the animations, supress the icon jitter, blur the folder background, and fade display brightness when locking the device. NoSlowAnimations is for iOS 7 and up.

If you’re still on iOS 6: Combine Nitrous with Accelerate

The combination of Nitrous and NoSlowAnimations makes iOS a much better experience. If you’re wondering about battery life, personally I haven’t noticed any drastic decrease in my battery life. If you still feel like you want more speed, you can try running the application iCleaner from Cydia daily and see if it helps :)

If you have any other suggestions for how to speed up your iDevice or if you have any questions leave a comment below!


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