Now this is a decently old topic, but not many people know about so I figured what’s the harm in getting the word out to more people. As you may know, Hearthstone is a PC card game that corresponds to World of Warcraft. It was recently released for the iPad; however, an iPhone/iPod Touch version didn’t seem to be on the horizon, until now. This will be a simple tutorial on how to get Hearthstone on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Be warned, you are simply just porting the iPad version to iPhone, so your taps must be very precise. Let’s do this.

Before You Start:

  • Must have a jailbroken device with AppSync installed.
  • Have iTunes installed.
  • Have iFunBox installed.
  • Download these files.

Step 1: Download the Hearthstone application from iTunes on your desktop

You have to do this so that you can transfer it to your iPhone or iPod Touch later.

Step 2: Prepare the Hearthstone.ipa file

Navigate to the “iTunes Media Folder”. Depending on your OS, you can get this folder on the following path :

  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/
  • Mac OS X 10.6: ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/
  • Windows: C:\Users\Username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\

Look for the file named Hearthstone.ipa and copy the file on to your Desktop.

Rename Hearthstone.ipa to (Windows user needs to uncheck Hide extensions for known file types).

Open the zip file and from the root folder, replace iTunesMetaData.plist with the modified file which you have downloaded above.

Then from the same zip file, go to Payload folder followed by folder, and replace Info.plist with the modified file which you have downloaded above.

Exit your zip application and rename back to Hearthstone.ipa.

Step 4: Install Hearthstone on iPhone

Connect your device to the computer and launch iFunBox.

Click the “Install App” button at the top of the window and select the modified IPA file from earlier.

Installation make take a few minutes, but should work.

There you have it. Enjoy Hearthstone on your iPhone or iPod Touch! Have any questions? Ask below!



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