Most of you probably know that Flappy Bird is being taken down from the App Store, just as we reported before. For those of you who want to grab it before it’s removed, then you can if it’s still up, but some of you might want Flappy Bird-like games that will continue to be supported. The games below may not be perfectly alike to Flappy Bird; however, the developers of the games below have a 100% better chance of supporting their games in the future.

Ironpants – Free

Fly Birdie – Free

Smarcle Flyer – Free

Flappy Plane – Free

Lastly, there is a Flying Bird 3D application due out on Monday which looks promising. Honestly, it looks better than all the alternatives listed above but we won’t get a solid opinion until it’s released. Out of the 4 listed above, I personally believe Ironpants is the best alternative to Flappy Bird just because it has a much smoother UI.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other great Flappy Bird alternatives!


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