It’s no shocker to say that people have been a bit opinionated in the new current gen console releases. One could easily drown in the posts on the subject on any platform ranging from twitter posts to YouTube comments. More often than not these “debates” end with harsh and silly dead set opinions on the matter. What you end up dealing with is what is known as “fan boys.” The term is normally used as an insult to someone with a strong and almost unyielding love for a product or entity. However, here we are going to attempt learning a lesson and reflecting on the sins of fanboys. What they do that hurts progress for not only others, but also themselves.

When someone asks which gaming platform you prefer it is not uncommon to say that they ask this already in mind with what answer they want you to give. It’s not crazy for people to instinctively want others to appreciate what they appreciate. Since gaming devices are expensive the majority cannot afford to get more than one or two especially if they are the run of the mill casual player. This forces choice and people hate thinking they make mistakes so they defend their purchase by going as low as to insult people who bought the alternative or other devices instead. Even though we can establish this is just sadly a part of how people are there is a bigger picture that should be looked at.

People begin to treat the companies that make their favorite console as their godsend. Team Microsoft and Team Sony are in each corner shaking their fists and forgetting the point of it all. The point is to make companies compete so that there isn’t a monopoly established. Competition is the renowned benefit of capitalism in a society. If there were only one company then they could do a shit job and nobody would be able to do anything about it. Competition is meant to keep companies in check by the threat of them having less quarterly profits and the possibility of going bankrupt or being forced to sell their resources. However, what extremist fanboyism does is create groups and individuals that rather than focus on making companies compete and simply picking the product that appeals to them most they find any and every excuse to defend their company of choice.

Logical fallacies, slander, and libel are all used by consumers to defend a product or company. This notion is insane because a company exists to gain revenue. Yes they make good products and advance society, but that’s with the promise that it will pay off for them in the long run and keep people coming. Companies like fanboyis because it allows them to abuse their customers and implement new strategies to gain more income. Fanboys hurt themselves by devoting themselves to an entity that just can’t feel the same way about them. Fanboys are free advertising and free storm brewers that allow the companies to sit back and let people flock to them. This is not to say having a favorite platform is a bad thing, but doing any and everything to defend it is.

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What should be learned here is what you are at the end of the day. Are you a person who enjoys video games in general? Or do you need a company to define who you are and what you like? Be yourself and spend your money and comments on progressing the industry as a consumer and not a resource to a corporation. If you truly dislike what Microsoft, Sony, Valve, or Nintendo (whoever) has to offer then speak with your wallet and make sound judgement when conversing with others on the subject. Finding any negative thing to say about Sony just because you grew up only playing Xbox or vice versa is muddying the issue. The gaming platform “wars” is a silly concept to begin with. For the console creators it’s just a contest of who will push out the most units this time around. The fact is it doesn’t matter.

Advertising goes a long way in the public eye. Not many people are experienced or educated enough about games to have a judgement deviating from the latest call of duty advert or what terrible defect either console has as told to them by a fanboy friend hoping to lure them to the same purchase. In the end quality is not necessarily the winner. In fact, due to the nature of the competition each console is so close to the other in quality that it hardly matters and as a game enthusiast you should just get everything if possible. If not then get a PC because it has infinitely more games and power. The only thing console has to offer is a few exclusives that might be a unique experience. Despite what some may think or say out of fanboyish temperament a PC can easily be played in any way you want. Hook it into a big tv and play with a controller on the couch or sit at a desk and experience the joy of mouse aim and more buttons to press. At the end of the day you have to remember playing games is the point.


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