It would seem that Epic Games who is now renowned for their “ninja” updates has made a patch to Gears of War 3 that removed the controversial ink grenade stun. Ninja of course referring to the fact that there was no forewarning or any indication of the change other than the change that appeared itself. Many were overjoyed at the notion that Epic had even made a change to the game that was not even the latest installment, but the most played by fans of the series. Not too surprisingly the update brought an uproar from current players that were looking for even more changes such as adjustments to the rifles and things like stopping power.

However, it is a bit daunting that Epic would make these changes now after many people were beyond enraged with their uncooperative attitude before and in the early stages of Gears of War Judgment (the latest game.) It is only a theory, but perhaps Epic is only reproaching this game in attempts to mend any faith consumers have with them to bring them over to the next gen consoles for a new Gears of War title. This is a little underhanded and a bit rude to people who have truly cared for the games. Recently it was discovered that Microsoft has plans for future Gears of War games. So it could be the case that if Epic had not known there would be future installments that they would have not made the effort to make adjustments to “finished” games. It is very arguable that they are only trying to lure consumers back to their graces.

On the other hand it could just be an amending hand to a game that had it’s high points with minor flaws that needed fixing all along. This doesn’t have a lot to go on and comes down to faith in a company.

Remember what companies do and why they do it. As the song by The Who says: “Don’t get fooled again.”



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  • Ryan says:

    I really hope that they make a new installment of Gears. Being a die-hard Gears fan, I would be really upset to see such an amazing series end on such a bad note.

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