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Each year we experience conferences from some of the most talented game development companies in the world and each year we judge each presentation with a fine-tooth comb. At the end of the day, a slew of social media users will argue who “won” E3. There will be profanity, incoherent responses, and a few intelligent ones sprinkled here and there. Each year we’ll also see people explain how the consumers have “won” E3 and it shouldn’t be based on a company. While those people may be right, let’s have a little fun and actually grade these sons-a-bitches.


EA was pretty much what everyone expected: a few sports games, Star Wars, and maybe something else sprinkled in there. We really didn’t see anything that was too surprising, except for maybe the invited guest hosts of the show. EA decided to invite content creators and eSports broadcasters, who provided their fair share of awkward pauses and odd remarks. The one game that caught my (and many others’) attention was Anthem. Unfortunately, EA decided to only show a teaser and gave the rest to Microsoft to handle.

Bethesda C

Bethesda’s conference had a few nice surprises, but didn’t focus much on new IPs or the continuation of a beloved one (*ahem* Elder Scrolls). We did get to see a new Wolfenstein game which looks pretty solid. They demoed some VR games, including Fallout 4, but I honestly don’t think many people cared for it.


Matt is a gaming enthusiast that frequently broadcasts on Twitch. His opinions may not always be right, but that's the point of opinions.

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