Think that your Notification Banners are too bland/plain? Ever wanted to add some color to them?

Then try out Coono by NG. Similar to FlagPaint, this tweak will tint the Notification Banners, extending them to the Lock Screen and the Notification Center based on the app’s color.
For example:
Messages will be green, Twitter will be blue, etc.



There are also some options you can configure like disable the blur, add gradient behind the date on the Lock Screen or change the Brightness and Saturation in the Notification Center.
You can also disable whichever one you don’t want to tint as well.
I personally only have the banners on and the rest off because i don’t want to make my iPhone too colorful.

To sum things up, i highly recommend you guys check this tweak out if you want to add some flavor into your Notifications. You can try a 3 day trial on the developer’s repo
After that you can buy it for $1.50 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.


About the Author

Ivan is a writer for MySlackerMind.com. He is always on the lookout for new and interesting tweaks. He always helps out people who have problems with their iPhone. Also, he is a part time painter and barber. He currently resides in the NY Area.

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