I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found the standard iOS badges as a bit annoying. The fact that the badge icon has extended the icon shape always put my springboard at a sort of unbalanced state. Now again, this just might be me and my apparent OCD acting up, but I do think I bring up a valid point. I have redesigned my badges with a brilliant tweak called Boover. Boover is a simple, yet powerful tweak that allows you to customize the position, size, and color of your badges.

Boover allows position, size, and color management for badges.

Notice the Messages badge has changed to a flat, orange, app-sized icon according to what I altered in Boover’s settings.

Boover allows a huge variety of what badges can look like, it’s all up to the user on what they want. I personally enjoy having an icon that fills the application so that it’s not obtrusive. I also enjoy having the opacity set to 100% so that it gets more of a flat iOS 7 feel.

Boover is available for free in the BigBoss repository.

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