Wow. Does that look good or what? Yes I know the shape seems a bit odd and it may be be just a tad too thin, but it still looks great. This video comes from the ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel. This well crafted 3D concept video is the best I’ve seen yet. Some of the features that they incorporated in their concept are:

  • Introducing Retina 2 – YRGB Pixels
  •  SolarCharging via iPhone screen
  • Bigger Screen 5.1 inch – Same body size
  • 10 MegaPixels Camera
  • 4K Video Recording
  • 500 FPS Video Recording
  • Lightning 2 – 10 X Faster Data Transfer – Battery Charging
  • To make the Design thinner, Apple has to come up with MINI AUX
  • Stereo Sound IN/Out

Personally, I’d be just fine with the next iPhone just having a bigger screen and solar charging, but the other features are great too 😉

If you have any feedback or other great concept videos, let us know in the comments below!


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