Ayna is a recently released, very simple tweak from Cydia. It allows you to launch your front-facing camera while on your lockscreen and through Control Center. Now, for some of you, this might be categorized as useless, but I’ve seen many people use their iPhone camera as a mirror. Whether it’s after eating sloppy food or just before they go out, I’ve seen people utilize their iPhone front-facing camera as a mirror more than any other device. Ayna takes this simple task and makes it even simpler to do.

It allows you to activate a fullscreen front-facing camera view by holding down your finger on the camera lockscreen icon or the Control Center camera icon.

Once the lockscreen camera grabber (or Control Center camera grabber) is held down, a window appears (shown above on right) revealing a fullscreen view of your front-facing camera.

Ayna is a simple tweak for a simple task, but I know it will be extremely useful to some of you. It is available for free in the BigBoss repository and has no settings to configure. It is only available on iPhone and iPod touch.


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